This blog has been created for the sole purpose of adoring and loving the children of the KBS variety show "SUPERMAN IS BACK"
itsharulee: do not watch the show from kshowonline, they just repost from kbsworld... views, likes and comments encourage kbs to continue subbing+sub news shows, so its important to watch from there (unless you are from a country who cant watch from kbsworld or something like this)

Ah, was it not fansubs? I assumed they were fansubs (I have not yet personally checked it), but if they are official subs from KBSworld, then yes, it is much much better that you just go to their youtube page to watch (unless youtube is inaccessible). Thank you for the clarification!


Anonymous: I don't know if this blog still runs hehehe (I can't see the dates) but kshowonline has all the episodes (full) with English sub's in case anyone was still looking!

> < this blog is still (sort of) (not really) (just barely) running, but the two of us that started it has been busy with many things lately. I have just finished a semester and moved to a new home, and just could not keep up with all the overlapping deadline dates and priorities. my partner-friend has also been very busy with school, and we both were pretty much having a mental downtime with many issues, personal and non-personal. But I really am sorry that we can’t run this blog any better because these babies are so adorable (AND WE NOW HAVE A NEW ADDITION TO OUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY) (dang, I need to update the profiles) but we’ll be back for sure!!!!

Thank you for the information about kshowonline! COME HERE for all the latest episodes!


shineepreaches: Hey there if i may ask, what episode was it when haru and sarang were interacting with each other? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks and i really like your blog :)

They are the most recent two episodes, I believe it’s episode 13 and 14? They are not subbed, so unless you are willing to look for unsubbed ones, you should just wait for KBS World! Thank you for enjoying our blog!

viciousvo: I hope you don't mind me asking, what episode is the Haru x Sarang episode? They are so adorable and I've been looking everywhere for it ):

They are in the New Years special, which are the most recent two episodes, and they are not yet subbed! I’m sure KBS World will provide them for you soon, so please look forward to it! Those set of episodes were especially adorable!


We also thank you for enjoying our contents! (Well, only one of us makes the gifs, and she is extremely wonderful and good and just all-around perfect, and your comments give her so much encouragement to continue with this little hobby, so I also personally thank you for that!)

tokyo-to-seoul: Where do you find all the new ep of SIB?? And I love your blog soooooo much

You may go to KBSWORLDTV’s youtube channel for all the english subbed episodes! We watch without subs, so we tend to download the episode to watch on the day it is out. If you are looking for recent episodes without subs for streaming, I can provide you with a few, but they will be available for an extremely limited time before KBS World gets it taken down. KBS World has been pretty quick in providing subs so far, so I would suggest that you stick with them for the time being!

Anonymous: Thank you so much for making a blog for Superman is back. I really love this show and look forward to every Sunday

I look forward to every Sunday as well! Two weeks ago, due to school, I had to hold off on watching one of the episodes, so last week I was screaming my throat off at the double-dose of fluffy cuteness that was waiting for me! I don’t even know how to describe that excitement..

aparnasworld: I saw baby pic of yang yoo jin who is daughter Of yg.

We saw it too! We are avid fans of YGE as a whole, but sadly we won’t be posting anything relevant to it, as it does not relate to the show directly. Maybe one day, YG will join the cast with his daughter?? Hahaha, it’s just wishful thinking, but I imagine it would be hilarious if it happens.